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Grenville Lake is a mature, windswept 72 acre gravel pit in the heart of rural Cambridgeshire. Depths of up to 38 feet hide an extraordinary stock of carp.

The lake is run on a family-friendly syndicate basis.

Membership is by recommendation only.

Read on about this remarkable lake.

Fish Stock

The lake stock of carp is estimated at 2000. These fish are 100% UK born and stocked at two to four summers old. The original stockings between 2003 and 2009 consisted of Fishers Pond and Andy Parker carp. Since that time, the stock has been augmented with carp reared on site in the extensive stock ponds.

The fish are continuing to thrive. The first 6 months of the 20/21 season have seen 12 new 40lb+ fish grace the banks.

The Lake

35 well spaced and comfortable swims afford some protection from the elements when the big winds blow across the lake.

The sheer size and depth of the lake, combined with strong undertow and significant weed in places, makes for challenging fishing. Big hits of fish are commonplace, and so are blanks.

The lake regularly throws up surprises. Only approximately half the stock gets caught each year. Many fish go uncaught for several years or more and then grace the bank 5-10lb heavier. One fish recently reappeared after avoiding capture for over 9 years.


The waiting list is currently closed and reopen next year. Application is by recommendation only.

Prospective members will be asked to attend an interview. Anyone not wishing to take up their ticket when it comes up will be removed from the list and lose their deposit.

You can contact Paul at

Waiting List